The Country of My Dreams

Essay Writing Competition 2020
Category: 8 - 11 years
- Commendation -

Commended entry: "Japan The Country of My Dreams" by Leila El Baba from Lithuania.

This article was submitted in the Kids World Travel Guide Essay Competition 2020 in the Junior Category 8-11 years.

The Country of My Dreams

Hello, I’m Leila. When someone asks me "What country would you like to go to?" my brain explodes with different beautiful continents and tons of stunning countries that I would love to explore, but one small island in Asia shines the brightest. It’s Japan.

Why Japan? Even the Japanese might be thinking that. Well, this country is just so extraordinary and unique that I can't even explain it to be honest with you. It's in the East of Asia, across the sea, South Korea, and straight up, Russia, from Fukuoka down, is the Philippines and from Yokohama if you go on a boat east, it will take a while but you will reach the USA.

Now that I've looked at the map I have realised that Japan isn't that small, in fact its way bigger than Cyprus, that was surprising to see because I thought Japan was so small!

Japan is a mountainous island country with over 100 active volcanoes, gorgeous beaches with clear waters and white sand and enchanting blossom trees! Lovely country with kind people and deep traditions.

The food is amazing there! I know it because I've tried sushi and ramen many times before, and even made it myself but I want to see professionals doing it! Practically that’s all I’ve been waiting for, all these years I’m learning how to use my chopsticks that I got for my tenth birthday.

I have never been to Asia except for at least a couple of measly times and that country is called Lebanon, right next to Syria, not far from Cyprus and Turkey. It’s beautiful there, the weather is always sunny, even in the winter! I haven't been further into the world than that, that's probably why I keep thinking "When will I be able to go there?"

Practically now with CoronaVirus I can't go anywhere! And of course I can't go alone cause I'm just ten, but that won't stop me from dreaming! Right? So… Japan!

Pretty far away though about eleven or more countries away from where I live now, Lithuania ( it would have been further if I wouldn’t have moved from the UK). So, I love going by plane, I just hate the airport, it is crowded and smells disgusting! Oh I'm waiting, dreaming and planning in my mind just an amazing trip to that country!

Well, I guess, I've told you how wonderful Japan is with its nature, food, amazingness and more! So… That's the country of my dreams, Japan.

In the Age category 8 - 11 years, Leila El Baba's essay takes us on a dream journey to Japan. Well, we all wish we could travel with you there to experience the 'amazingness'! And surely the time to travel will come again! Until then we dream on...

Well done, Leila! Never stop dreaming! Congratulations!

Leila attends Šiauliai Centro Primary School in Lithuania

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