Essay Writing Competition 2022
Category: 8 - 11 years
- Runner-up -

Runner-up is "Bushy" written by Henry Jansen.

Bushy Winner 2022


The place that I love with all my heart and that makes me feel warm and happy is my block of land, Bushy. Bushy is an action packed, awesome and thrilling place. Bushy is important to me because my Grandpa, who loved the Australian bush, bought it. We normally leave after breakfast on a weekend and make the hour and half drive for an overnight trip.

When you open your car door, the ground is hard under your feet, usually needing a drink. Your nostrils flare with dust and the smell of eucalypt trees. These trees are very tall with winding branches and pale bark. Home to koalas, we occasionally see them nestling in the crook of a tree limb, but not often.

When the tent is set up, it’s so big, you can roam around inside. We set it up near the shed that contains our mattresses and some blankets. A foldable table, an esky (which is insulated box with ice in it) for a fridge and a water jug make up the essentials of our kitchen. There is not running water or electricity Bushy so we bring water cartons and battery operated lighting. One of my favourite things is the fire. The fire that cooks our food at night. The fire that greedily licks the air. The fire that lights laugh faces sitting folding chairs. The fire that warms cold hands-on winter nights. The fire that ……

After setting up the tent, it is time to hop on my motorbike. Instantly there is warm air in your face as you zoom along rough track and shrubs, leaving a dust dorm behind you. As the motor bike goes over bumps, you vibrate and bounce around. I love taking new routes and exploring on my motorbike.

Sometimes I stop to look at blue tongue lizards or find that koala sleeping in the tree. We usually stop of a break and some food under some shade and then feel are revved up for the next adventure. After some more fun on the bike, I like to go for a walk to explore. As you stroll through shrubs, you gaze around looking for hidden tracks. If you look closely enough, you might see some little lizards or insects scuttling across the ground. You need to be careful and remember your steps so that you don’t get lost.

Soon it is time for dinner. The delicious smell of sausages and steaks wafts through the air making deep rumbles in your tummy. I am served meat, veg and bread by my Mum and they are quickly wolfed down. Watching TV on an ipad under the stars is pretty special. Soon it’s time for bed and I’m shattered, so fall asleep immediately.

Waking out to chirping birds and rising sun, I wonder outside to see my parents packing up. I help out with the packing and even though I’m leaving soon there is still time for a game of chasey with my brother. I’m older so of course I’m faster…but I let him win…sometimes. Turning around and looking through the back window at Bushy, I feel sad about leaving but excited about the next time I come.

In the Age category 8 - 11 years, Henry's essay was chosen as the second runner-up. His essay 'Bushy' leads us into the Australian outback. Henry skilfully tells us about his activities and explorations during these magic days out and about at his Grandpa's place. And yes, special places connect us, Henry, that is so very true! 

Well done, Henry! Thank you for sharing your lovely story. Congratulations!

Henry Jansen attends Unley Primary School in Malvern/ Australia. English is his first language.

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