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Brazil facts images: Rio de Janeiro - AmazonasRio de Janeiro - Amazonas
Brazil flag
  • Population: 219 million people live in Brazil (2023)
  • Capital: Brasilia, with 5 million inhabitants is the country's fourth largest city. The largest city in Brazil is Sao Paulo with about 23 million inhabitants. 
  • Name: Republica Federativa do Brasil, Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Government: Democracy, Republic
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Literacy: More than 91% of the people can read and write.
  • Religion: mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 65%, Protestants 22%)
  • Currency: 1 real=100 centavos
  • National symbols: Jaguar (national animal), macaw (national bird) and cattleya orchid (national flower), national colours: green, yellow and blue, the constellation of the Southern Cross
  • National anthem: "Hino Nacional Brasileiro"
  • History: The country was inhabited mainly by semi-nomadic tribes before the arrival of the colonialists. The land was claimed by Portuguese and Portuguese settlers founded the colony in 1532. By the 17th century sugar cane was the main export product and the slave trade brought many African slaves to the country. The Brazilian gold rush attracted many fortune seekers to the country. In 1822, Brazil declared independence from Portugal, although independence was officially recognised by the Portuguese only three years later! Brazil was ruled by various Brazilian emperors until in 1889 it was finally declared a republic. Brazil's president is Luiz Inácio LULA da Silva since January 2023.
  • National Holiday: 7 September (Independence Day)

Brazil Facts | Geography
Where is Brazil?

Brazil is located on the South American continent. Brazil also belongs to the Latin American countries. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean.

The largest Latin American country shares borders with all other South American countries except for Chile and Ecuador. The longest border is shared with Bolivia and is 3,400 km/ 2,113 miles long.

Below see a map of Brazil with the neighbouring countries and you will find Brazil's capital city: Brasilia.

Regarding the size of Brazil, all the countries of the European Union could fit twice into the country! Brazil is slightly smaller than the USA.

A flight to Sao Paolo takes roughly 11.5 hours from London/UK and 9.5 hours from New York/USA.

Brazil for Kids | More Facts about Brazil

  • The country has almost 7,500 km/ 4,660 miles of coastline and is known for its many great beaches. 
  • The northern and western parts of Brazil are largely dominated by the Amazon Basin. In the South, you will find the Brazilian Highlands. 
  • The Amazon, the Paraná, the Madeira River, the Rio de la Plata and the Rio Negro are among the biggest rivers in Brazil.
  • The climate in Brazil is mostly tropical with a temperate climate in the Southern parts of the country.
  • The most famous landmark of Brazil is located in Rio de Janeiro. The Christ the Redeemer statue overlooks the city and Sugarloaf mountain.
Rio de Janeiro aerial with sugarloaf mountain and Christ statueRio de Janeiro in Brazil

Brazil Geo Superlatives

  • Brazil is South America's biggest and the world's fifth largest country. The country covers three time zones! 
  • Brazil is also the largest country in the Southern hemisphere as it is bigger than Australia.
  • The Amazon river is the world's second longest river. It is about 6,400 km/ 4,000 miles long. The river flows through Peru, Colombia and enters the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.
Aerial view of Amazon rainforest in BrazilAmazon rainforest in Brazil
  • The Amazon rain forest is the largest rainforest in the world. About 60% of the world's rainforests are located in Brazil.
  • Brazil is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world due to the many species of plants and animals.
  • The highest lying area of Brazil is in the North and is called the Guiana highlands. 
  • Brazil's highest mountain is the 'Pico de Neblina' and is 2,994 m/ 9,822 ft. high.
  • Brazil is the only country on the planet where the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn run through the country.
  • The Pantanal is the world's largest tropical wetland and covers most of the country's western parts.
  • Brazil shares the Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world with Argentina. There are over 270 waterfalls in this waterfall system.

Brazil Attractions for Kids

  • Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana and Ipanema are great for beach holidays
Ipanema beachIpanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro
  • Capivara National Park is known for ancient rock paintings
Rock paintings in Capivara National Park in BrazilRock paintings in Capivara National Park in Brazil
  • Recife, the country's fourth largest city is also nicknamed 'Venice of Brazil' because of its over 50 bridges and many waterways. 
Recife in BrazilRecife in Brazil
  • Pantanal National park is also called the 'Brazilian Garden of Eden'
Pantanal wetlandsThe Pantanal wetlands in Brazil
  • Florianópolis is located on Santa Catarina Island which stretches over 54 km/ 33 miles. The island has some of the most amazing beaches in the country.
Brazil Santa Catarina islandSanta Catarina island

Brazil Facts | People in Brazil

Brazil is the country with the fifth largest population in the world, after China, India, the USA and Indonesia.

Most Brazilians (87%) live in urban centres, mainly along the Atlantic coast and in the major cities.

Brazil Facts: The skyline of Sao Paulo, the most populous city of BrazilSao Paulo, the most populous city of Brazil

The biggest cities in Brazil are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The Brazilian cities are known for the extensive favelas. These are the neighbourhoods or shanty towns, where mainly poor people live.

Rio de Janeiro colourful favelaFavela of Rio de Janeiro

The northern parts of the country are the least populated area in Brazil. 

Among the Brazilian people are more than 800,000 indigenous people, some of them Amerindians. 

Brazilian playing pan fluteBrazilian playing the pan flute

Brazil Facts | Language in Brazil

Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America. The Brazilian Portuguese is slightly different to the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. The pronunciation sounds different and some of the words are used only in Brazil.


  • hello
  • cool/ok/good
  • thank you (male speaker)
  • thank you (female speakers)
  • ice-cream
  • juice
  • bus


  • oi
  • beleza
  • obrigado (male speakers)
  • obrigada (female speakers)
  • sorvete
  • suco
  • ônibus

Brazil Facts | Carnival in Brazil

Brazil is known for its cheerful and vibrant atmosphere during Carnival time starting on the Friday before Ash Wednesday. Carneval do Brasil is celebrated in many cities such as in Sao Paolo, Salvador or Rio de Janeiro.

carnival of RioCarnival in Rio

The Brazilian carnival starts on the Friday before Ash Wednesday, or the beginning of the Christian period of fasting called Lent. This usually is in February. 

In Brazil, carnival is celebrated with the parades of the various samba schools. The communities are usually widely involved as drumming, dancing and marching are practised all year round for this special annual event.

Brazil Facts | Brazil Economy 

Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world. The country belongs to the BRICS which includes the countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The main agricultural products of Brazil include coffee, soybeans, wheat, corn and sugar cane. Brazil is the world's largest exporter of coffee, soybean and beef.

Brazil Soybean harvest with 22 harvesters in Mato Grosso - image by Kelvin Helen Haboski/shutterstock.comSoybean harvest in Mato Grosso/Brazil

About one third of the country is agricultural land, however, only about 10% of all Brazilians work in the agricultural sector. The unemployment rate in Brazil stands at 12% and about 4% live in extremely poor conditions.

The largest trading partners of Brazil are China, the USA and Argentina.

Sports in Brazil

The people in Brazil love being outdoors, the main sports are soccer, volleyball and water sports.  

soccer at beach in RioKids playing soccer on the beach in Brazil

The South American country hosted the soccer world cup in 2014. Brazil won the world cup five times in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 and the country has participated in all the tournament since it began.

Brazil also hosted the last Summer Olympic Games in August 2016. The XXXVI (16th) Olympiad in Rio was the first Olympic Games on the South American continent! Over ten thousand athletes from 206 countries took part in these summer sports games. Read more about the Rio Olympics here.

Brazil Facts | Animals in Brazil


Brazil's national animal is the Jaguar.


Brazil is home to many other fascinating mammals too, such as armadillos, tapirs and pumas.

The Amazon is home to many fish species, also the piranha. The national bird is the macaw. The colourful toucans with their big horned beaks also can be seen in Brazil.

Brazil Facts | Food in Brazil

Brazilians love their fresh fruits and vegetables such as okra, coconuts corn and beans. Many traditional dishes contain beans, rice or manioc flour. The most favourite dish in Brazil is probably the feijoada, a bean stew made with pork and rice.

Typical Brazilian food and drinks:

  • Pão de Queijo: delicious cheese bread
  • Guarana: drink made with small red berries
  • Feijoada: a bean stew made with pork and rice.
  • Coxinha de Galena: Brazilian breaded and deep fried snack filled with shredded chicken. Usually served with a chili dip, see below:
coxinha de galinha by Paul Brighton at ShutterstockCoxinha de Galinha

Resources for Brazil Facts

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