All about Red Pandas

Essay Writing Competition 2023
Category: 8 - 11 years
- Runner-up -

The essay "All about Red Pandas" written by Nil Ece Yuksel was chosen as a runner-up in the Junior category.

red panda

All About Red Pandas

Do you know what red pandas can do? They can climb trees; they don’t like people like jellyfish! They prefer to be alone. They can live in hot places such as China and Himalayas.

The red panda is cute but it is also a little dangerous for people. There are only about 7000 red pandas in the world and they are endangered animals. The size of a red panda is like a pet cat. When it is cold, it takes its tail over its face to protect its face.

The red panda was discovered by the French zoologist Frederic Cuvier. Frédéric Cuvier, who published the first Western scientific description of the animal in 1825, described red pandas as "quite the most handsome mammal in existence."

Red pandas live roughly 8 or 10 years. They are nocturnal animals; they hunt at night. When they feel in danger, they take their claws out to look dangerous. When they feel tired, they climb to the tree and dangle their legs throughout the trees. And leopards can hunt red pandas. A red panda can eat plans and some of little animals.

While walking through the forest, I have seen a red panda and we talked together. It is a boy and his name is Reddy. He said I am an endangered animal and you need to take care of me, my friend! You need to take care of the nature, too. Don’t throw rubbish to forest and rivers. You shouldn’t cut trees and you shouldn’t hunt me and my friends! When you and people do this, we can directly go to the endangered animal list.

I dream of a clean forest that I can go with all my family members and friends. We can live safe and happily over there without leopards. I dream that there are many trees and flowers, I can eat many animals in my habitat. But there should be enough bamboos, too.

At school, you should tell your friends about me and my family; so they shouldn’t kill me. You can be a red panda ranger and keep protecting me! When you see me again, please don’t take me to the zoo because forest is the best place for me; I don’t want to live in a cage.

In China, there are many red pandas at zoos and in the forests; but when red panda lives in the forest, it is much happier because it is its natural home. This is all about red pandas; they are so cute and Reddy says goodbye to you. At school I and my friends can do projects about you. We can take you out of the endangered animal list. So you can live safe and happily with all your family members and friends in the forests.

In the Age category 8 - 11 years, Nil Ece's fantastic little essay was chosen as a runner-up. 

Well done, Nil Ece! What a great effort! Thank you very much for your lovely story about the red panda! Congratulations! 

Nil Ece attends English classes at Circlearn and comes from Turkey. The student's home language is Turkish, English is studied as second language.

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