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Kids-world-travel-guide.com is owned and managed by Regina Graeff and a team of young writers, student travellers, curious explorers and students. Kids World Travel Guide is based in Cape Town/South Africa.

Meet the Team


Passionate teacher, education and lifestyle editor, expat blogger and author living in Cape Town/South Africa and mother of two energetic teenage boys. Having lived on five of the world's seven continents, she loves exploring the world around her and sharing her travel adventures. She grew up enjoying scenic hikes in the mountains or skiing in the Alps. But now she loves living in South Africa! Here Regina loves exploring the country, chatting to the locals and making new friends, cooking and tasting new food. Her ideal holiday involves leisurely strolls through vibrant cities and long walks on tropical beaches as well as snorkelling or diving in turquoise blue waters. Her motto is: There are so many awesome places on this planet, let's make the most of our time and travel the world and experience and enjoy life as much as we can.


Born in Asia, raised in Europe but living in Africa for most of his young life. Having encountered people from so many different places, he enjoys all the excitement of making new friends as well as travelling and dreaming of far-off islands. If he is not surfing and catching the waves, he loves to engage in community work.


A German lad with a Yorkshire twang, also knowing bits and pieces of Afrikaans, Italian and Spanish, Sebastian is a born world traveller who loves the great outdoors. Hiking, running and soccer are his passion and his list of 'must-see places' is growing longer by the day. Currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is top of his list.

About K-W-T-G

Kids World Travel Guide (K-W-T-G) has been developed as a new and unique travel guide concept and e-learning platform. On this site, we want to share our insights and stories about travels and foreign countries. We want to get children interested and involved in learning and sharing their knowledge about countries, people and cultures. 

'See the world through children's eyes'

In our Kids World Travel Guide children share their interest in geography and these pages are as useful for classroom teaching as for home study. The page was designed and established by teenagers, so please if you find any mistakes please come back to us and share your knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to join with your children and classes in building a great country page. Simply contact us and we will come back with more information and support for your project.

If you want to share some of your ideas and insights into travel with children, feel free to contact us as well.

'Create a more peaceful world through increased understanding of other people and cultures.'



While k-w-t-g.com and kidsworldtravels.com are linked to our new business ventures, operated from Cape Town/South Africa, the business address of an Australian Travel Agency given on Google Search and Google Maps currently, is NOT correct and not linked in any way to our kids-world-travel-guide.com

We have already asked google to rectify their mistake, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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