Ocean Facts for Kids

Interesting Facts for Kids

In our Ocean Facts for Kids you will learn about the oceans of the world. Did you know that the oceans cover over 71% of the Earth's surface?

Today is World Oceans Day! Let us learn more about the fascinating oceans which are the most important source of life for all of us.

The World Oceans

There are five oceans covering the surface of our globe: 

The five world oceans are the Pacific Oceanthe Atlantic Oceanthe Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

Read here fun and important facts about our oceans everybody should know.

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean of the world and covers more than 30% of the Earth's surface.

The name 'Pacific' come from the Latin word 'pacificus' which means peaceful. Thus, Pacific Ocean means 'peaceful ocean'. However, the Pacific is not really calm and peaceful. The 'ring of fire' is located in the Pacific Ocean. There is a string of volcanoes in the Pacific basin which are still active and therefore many of the world's major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happen in this region.

The lowest known point on earth is called Challenger Deep. It is located in the Pacific Ocean near Guam in the Philippine Sea at the end of the Mariana Trench. The depth recorded is 10,920 metres or 35,827 feet.

coral fish by Tanya PunttiCoral Fish

The largest coral reef in the world is located off the Australian coast and is called the Great Barrier Reef. 

The coral reefs only grown in tropic waters, but due to climate change over 50% of the world's reefs have been lost in the last 30 years. Read more about Australia here.

More interesting Facts about the Pacific Ocean for Kids here.

Atlantic Ocean Facts for Kids

The Atlantic is the second biggest ocean in the world and is between the continents of America and Europe and Africa.

The Atlantic Ocean is about half the size of the Pacific Ocean and covers roughly 20% of the Earth's surface. However it is growing in size as it is spreading along the Mid-Atlantic Coasts.

Thresher Shark by Beth SwansonThresher Shark

Sharks, such as this Thresher Shark swimming in the gulf stream, are found in the waters of the Atlantic.

Did you know that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the longest mountain range on Earth? It spreads from Iceland to Antarctica beneath the Atlantic.

More interesting Facts about the Atlantic Ocean for Kids here.

Indian Ocean Facts for Kids

The Indian Ocean is located between Africa and Austral-Asia.

The waters of the Indian Ocean provides the largest breeding grounds of the world for humpback whales. 

Humpback Whale by Tory KallmanHumpback Whale breaching

Also found in the Indian ocean, a fish which was thought to be extinct was discovered there. The Coelacanth is found in the warm waters off the Comoro islands between Mozambique and Madagascar.

The Northern Indian Ocean also is the most important transport route for oil as it connects the oil-rich countries of the Middle East Each with Asia. Every day tankers are carrying a cargo of 17 million barrels of crude oil from the Persian Gulf on its waters.

More interesting Facts about the Indian Ocean for Kids here.

Southern Ocean

The Southern Ocean is located around the South Pole across the Antarctic circle in the Southern Hemisphere off Antarctica.

The Southern Ocean is the home of Emperor Penguins and Wandering Albatrosses

Emperor Penguins by mgsivEmperor Penguins

Read more our top ten Southern Ocean facts here

Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is located around the North Pole across the Arctic circle.

There are many polar bears living on the Arctic ice.

Polar bear and cub by Christopher WoodPolar bear with cub

A jellyfish with the funny name 'Lion's Mane Jellyfish' can also be found in the Arctic Ocean's waters. It grows up to 2.4m or 8 feet across and lives on plankton and fishes.

Did you know that the Arctic Ocean's ice covers are shrinking by 8% every ten years?

Many Arctic ground features are named after early Arctic explorers, like Nansen Basin or Mendeleyev Ridge.

Read more about the Arctic Ocean here.

Ocean Quiz for Kids

Scroll down and tick the correct answers to our ten questions to see if you can master our ocean quiz for kids. Enjoy!

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