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Our world is full of surprises and soooo amazing, so we thought we have to include our favorite trivia fun facts for children.

Enjoy our Kids Trivia Fun Facts and be surprised about many of the facts children collected. It's time to impress your teachers and friends about your general knowledge!

Trivia for Children

Let's start with these trivia questions. Do you recognise to which countries the images refer. Did you know that...

China - image by Tony3112/shutterstock.comChina

...China is the largest country in the world? That is considering how many people live there. More than 1.3 billion people of the world's 7 billion people live in China! However, the largest country in the world if you think of land, is Russia which is almost double the size of China and has got 'only' 142 million inhabitants.


... in 1980, only one country in the world did not have telephones? This was Bhutan, a small country in the Himalayan mountains in South Asia. Can you image how tricky it was to install telephone lines there?

The crookest Street in the World

... that California has not only got the crookest street in the world, Lombard Street in San Francisco, but also claims to have the widest highway in the world. El Toro Y Higway has got 26 traffic lanes side by side! Well, some argue that Monumental Axis Road in Brazil is wider, as it is said that 160 cars could be driven there side by side. Just imagine!

Christmas in Germany 1600 the Germans started many of today's Christmas traditions. The Christmas tree is a German tradition as is hanging tinsel on the Christmas tree! The Germans used silver strings then.

Learn more about Christmas traditions around the world.

More Kids Trivia

...Leonardo da Vinci from Italy invented the scissors? What would we do without this useful tool today?

More about famous Italians: inventors, explorers and more fun info

Singapore Skyline by Night

...Singapore is not only the richest country in Asia, but also among the top three richest countries in the world, after Qatar and Luxembourg.

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