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Where is Mexico?

Mexico is located on the North American continent. Mexico's capital city is Mexico City, which has almost 20 million inhabitants

Did you know that Mexico is the second largest city in the western hemisphere? Only Sao Paolo in Brazil is bigger! Other important cities in Mexico are Guadalajara and Monterrey, both have almost 4 million people.

Which language do people speak in Mexico?

Spanish. Mexico is the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world. More people speak Spanish here than in Spain, because many more people live in Mexico than in Spain and the country is also more than three times bigger than Spain.

Mexico Flag

mexico flag by mapsoftheworl

The flag is shows three bands in green, white and red. The emblem on the white ground shows an eagle standing on a cactus with a snake in the beak.

Mexico Geography

Mexico has mountains in the eastern and northern parts of the country, rainforests in the southern and eastern parts and deserts in the west. Most of the bigger cities are located in the southern parts of the country.

Where is Baja California?

The peninsula to the west of mainland Mexico is called Baja California. This peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world. Over 120 species of cactus are growing there.

What is the highest mountain in Mexico?

The highest peak in Mexico is a volcano and is the third largest in Northern America. It is the Pico de Orizaba, also referred to as  "Volcan Citlaltepetl" and is 5,636m/18,491ft high.

Mexican cities

  • Mexico City (population: 19.3million)
  • Guadalajara (population: 4.3million)
  • Monterrey (population: 3.8million)
  • Tijuana (population: 1.6million)

Did you know?

A cactus named "cadon cactus" is the biggest cactus in the world. It measures 21m (70ft) in height and lives in the deserts of Baja California. It can live up to 300 years.

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