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Austria Travel Guide

Austria Map

Where is Austria?

Austria is located in Central Europe. Austria is a small and mainly mountainous country. The country has 9 million inhabitants. Austria's capital city is Vienna (Wien) with almost 2 million inhabitants. Austria is a landlocked country that shares borders with eight countries. Read more on our Austria facts page here.


Which language do people speak in Austria?

The official language of Austria is German. There are various dialects spoken and the Austro-Bavarian spoken in the western parts of Austria is close to the Bavarian dialect spoken in southern Germany. Most young people also can understand and speak English as English is taught in school. 

Austria alm living

Best time to visit?

Of course, you can visit all year round! If you love the outdoors, the mountains invite hikers to explore alm life, which means exploring farm activities, mountain hikes and sleeping over in mountain huts. If you enjoy your winter sports, Austria is known for its superb winter resort towns and big variety of pistes, downhill runs, for skiing and snowboarding. The climate of Austria is continental and temperate. Snowfall is common during the winter months.

Austria Schengen Visa

Do you need a visa for Austria?

Austria is a Schengen state, which means that all non-European visitors to Austria need a Schengen Visa which has to be applied for before travels. The country's main international airport is Vienna International Airport. Schengen Visa cost Euro 80/ Euro 40 for children. US Americans and Canadians do not need a visa to enter Austria. Read more about the Schengen Visa here and about the current restrictions here.

Euro coins and bank notes

What is the currency of Austria?

In Austria, you pay with Euro as the country is part of the European monetary union. In Austria be sure to always carry some Euro banknotes and coins. Especially 50-cent (toilet fee) and 1 Euro coins (storage lockers) will come in handy!

Before 2002, the country's currency was the Austrian Schilling. Then 1 Schilling equaled 100 Groschen. 

Window of wooden house with flowers

How much does a trip to Austria cost?

Austria travel costs vary widely depending on your style of travel. Book a room in a typical Hotel Garni, which is the Austrian version of a Bed & Breakfast or in a youth hostel, Jugendherberge, or opt for self-catering to save some money. Read more on Austrian travel expenses here. 

Tipping is done with rounding up - or giving about 5% tip.

Austria Travel Ideas

Vienna prater carousel


The historic center of Austria's capital city is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its baroque castles and gardens, Art Nouveau buildings, churches, palaces and monuments. Vienna is located at the river Danube and the colourful roof of the Stephansdom is easy to spot. Vienna's Prater amusement park is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and is known for its carousels and the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Grossglockner Alpine road

Austrian Alps

The highest peak in Austria is called Grossglockner. Austrian's tallest mountain is 3,798 metres/ 12,460 ft high and considered as the second highest isolated mountain peak in the Alps. This mountain towers over Austria's longest glacier which is called Pasterze. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a scenic road with 36 turns that lead up to the viewpoint at the peak, Kaiser Franz Josef's Höhe.

Salzburg with rainbow


Nicknamed "The City of Music", Salzburg is the hometown of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You definitely should plan in a visit to the fabulous Mozarthaus. The Mozartweek is an annual event in January not to be missed. The city was also the setting for the film "The Sound of Music" which tells the story of the singing Von Trapp family. And then there are also the fortress 'Hohensalzburg' and Mirabell Palace which a very worth a visit! 

Christmas in Austria

Christmas in Austria

The festive season and Advent is celebrated in Austria with Christmas markets and sparkling light decorations. The relaxed atmosphere in Austrian towns is magical during this season: snowflakes, gingerbread and carol singing and everything looks like very much like 'winterwonderland'. Did you know that the Christmas carol "Silent Night, holy night" was composed by an Austrian teacher and first performed in 1818 in Salzburg? 

Austria for Kids

Minimundus Austria - imgage by NiglayNik/

Carinthia -Minimundus

Carinthia in southern Austria is home to  'Minimundus' (which means 'Miniworld'). This park houses 159 miniature models of buildings and landmarks from over 40 countries. So you can travel around the world in one day! All models are built on a scale of 1:25 and are constructed with original materials such as sandstone or marble in accurate details.

Family skiing

Family Ski Resorts

In Austria there are ski resorts for every taste and budget. Some resorts cater especially well for families with children or teenagers as they do not only offer various winter sport classes, have ski schools and fun winter activities, but also have dedicated ski arenas for young people, themed adventure trails or toboggan runs. Read more here. 

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Fabulous Austrian attractions

Glacier lake in Austria


Austria has 925 glaciers. Glaciers are called 'Gletscher' or 'Ferner' in German. A glacier is a mass of dense ice or snow that has accumulated over many years. This river of ice slowly moves downhill. Due to climate change, in many regions the ice is melting and the glaciers shrink. In Austria some glaciers are also popular ski areas. Stubai Glacier is the largest glacier ski area in Austria. Pitztal, Hintertux and Kaprun's glacier skiing season also lasts from September to May.

Hallstatt in Austria


Hallstatt is one of the most picturesque towns in Upper Austria. This town is known for the production of salt and one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Here you can venture underground in protective clothing and will learn about the unique salt rock formations during a tour in the many tunnels of the mine! Later on you will be fascinated by the breath taking Alpine panorama when you walk out to Hallstatt's Skywalk viewing platform which overlooks the fairy-tale town.

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Austria Travel Tips



Marvel at the colourful Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna. This house was designed by Austrian artist and architect Friedrich Stowasser (1928-2000). This artist is better known as Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser. He was a visionary and environmentalist. Hundertwasser also created fantastic colourful artworks and paintings.

Austria toboggan Arena Zillertal

Rodelbahn - Toboggan

Austria has fabulous toboggan rides. One of such fun rides is the Arena Coaster in Zillertal. Or have fun along the 2,600 m/ 8,530 ft long Alpine Coaster in Golm. This is the ultimate alpine ride in summer and in winter. Read more here. And even close to the capital city Vienna, there is a 850 m/2,788 ft long summer toboggan run with 14 bends that promises fun for the whole family.

Austrian food: Germknödel

Mahlzeit - Guten Appetit

Taste and enjoy typical Austrian food such as Germknödel (yeast dumpling filled with plum jam), Marillenknödel (apricot dumplings), Linzertorte (sweet tart with redcurrant jam and almonds) or Sachertorte (Viennese chocolate cake). And of course, Wiener Schnitzel is the must-try dish for meat lovers! Read more here.

Austrian Mozartkugel image by Pixeljoy/

Souvenirs from Austria

There are great little souvenirs and gifts to take home from Austria. These include Mozartkugeln, which are chocolate balls filled with marzipan and pistachio paste. Or how about a traditional cowbell or more fancy, a little crystal gift from Svarovski? For those who love the way Austrians dress in their folkwear, a dirndl dress or lederhosen will be a treat!

Austria Travel Guide:
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