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In our Singapore Travel Guide for Kids you will find really useful and interesting travel information for children and families that was chosen and researched by kids, especially for kids.

Even though travel has been put to a halt due to the Covi-19 challenges, we still like to share our insights to help you prepare for your next Singapore trip. Singapore surely awaits travellers while working on the best and safest solutions for opening up again. Let's be supportive, stay calm and keep safe! And let us know if you want to share some useful tips with us too :-)

Singapore Travel Guide

Where is Singapore?

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, on the Asian continent. The tiny country has 5.8 million inhabitants. Singapore borders Malaysia in the North (with a crossway to mainland Asia) and is surrounded by Indonesian islands to the South, and Malaysia to the East and West. Only in Transit in Singapore? Check out the best tips for your short stay here.

Which languages do people speak in Singapore?

English is the most common language spoken by Singaporeans. Official languages are English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay. These are the languages you will hear in announcements at subway (MRT) stations. But there are many other languages spoken in Singapore as well. And then there is Singlish! Read the Singlish 101 here.

Best time to visit?

Singapore has no distinct season, it is always very warm, and you can visit all year round! Due to the location near the equator the climate is very humid and the wetter month from November to January bring Monsoon rain showers. The rain showers occur almost daily, mainly around midday, but luckily rarely last day-long. Sunrise is at 7am pretty much all year round. Sun sets around 7pm.

Do you need a visa for Singapore?

Most holders of European, North- and South American passports do not need a visitor visa and will be granted a 30-day visitor visa upon entry. Make sure though, that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your travels and have some free pages for the visa! All non-visa exempt visitors to Singapore need to apply for a Singapore Visa before travels. Read more here. 

What is the currency in Singapore?

In Singapore, you pay with Singapore Dollars (SGD). In Singapore, most people pay cashless, which means they use bank cards or credit cards or other electronic payment options. Apps such as EZ-Link, NETS and WeChat are very popular. Cash is still 'king' at hawker food centres, in little shops in Chinatown or Little India and when paying for trips in regular taxis! Some taxi/chauffeur companies charge a hefty 70% fee, when you pay by credit card for paying transport. Or register with Grab or Easy Taxi and book and pay your transport via these apps.

How much does a trip to Singapore cost?

Singapore travel costs vary widely depending on your style of travel. When you book a room in a smaller guest house and eat at local hawker food stalls or food courts it is easy enough to save some money. Due to the high entry fees to the main city attractions, Singapore travel usually is not really a cheap city to visit. Remember the little tricks such as booking in advance or staying and paying for high tea or some drinks to get 'free' access to some of the rooftop bars and restaurants. This will save you the hefty entrance fees to these prime photo spots and you can enjoy some lovely treats!

Singapore Travel Ideas

Kids-World-Travel-Guide: Singapore Travel Guide

Singpore Marina Bay with illuminated Merlion statue - image by Sean Pavone/

Marina Bay 

The Marina Bay area is home to Singapore's most famous landmark, the Merlion. The major part of the bay area has been built  on reclaimed land. Here you will find the über-luxury hotel that looks like a spaceship. Enjoy the skyline with a visit to the bar for glamorous cocktails and juices. There is also an observation deck, a full entertainment complex and shopping galore. Marina Bay is also the gateway to the fantastic 'Gardens by the Bay'. Read more.

Bukit Timah 

Due to the high rate of urbanisation in the country, the nature areas are shrinking in Singapore. However, much is done to establish Singapore as a 'Garden City'. Various new urban parks have been created and 10% of all are now classified as national parks and national reserves. The highest point in Singapore is Bukit Timah Hill with 163 metres/ 534 ft. In this national park, you can go for short hikes, jungle walks or practise your mountain bike-riding skills!

Kids-World-Travel-Guide: Singapore Travel Guide

Guoco Tower in Tanjong Pagar is Singapore's highest building - image by ksy9/shutterstock

Skyscrapers of Singapore

Yes, Singapore is tiny, and space is sparse. So it's no wonder this is one of the countries with the most skyscrapers in the world! There are high rise buildings pretty much everywhere. Alone in the central business district there are more than 80 skyscrapers. Marvel at the many architectural gems from the promenade in Marina Bay. By the way, the highest building in Singapore is Guoco Tower in nearby Tanjong Pagar with 290 m/ 951 ft.

Chinese New Year in Singapore

Chinese New Year is the most celebrated festival in the country and comes with two public holidays. The Chinese New Year celebrations take place usually early in February. In 2021, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on 12 February. Decorations usually adorn the city streets and houses in China Town from December onwards. Read more about Chinese New Year here.

Kids-World-Travel-Guide: Singapore Travel Guide

Animal Encounters 

If you want to encounter local animals in their natural habitat, then make sure to plan in to spend at least one day during your visit in one of the six national parks. Marvel at cheeky monkeys in Mac Ritchie reservoir, admire colourful birds and butterflies in Hort Park or in the conservatory domes at the Gardens-by-the-Bay and watch huge monitor lizards while strolling in the Botanic Gardens. And not to forget all the encounters that can be made when visiting the Singapore Zoos unique night safari, an attraction you definitely should not miss! And then the East Coast Park is not only great for a lunch break but also for mile-long walks along the tropical coastline.

Theme Parks in Singapore

On Sentosa island, you will find entertainment galore - for the whole family. Singapore's Universal Studios feature over twenty rides. The island's SEA aquarium is among the best we ever visited and the evening light show attract visitors and locals alike. The monorail-ride in the Sentosa Express is swift and free from Vivo City at Harbour Front MRT. Keep in mind that the beach is very busy with visitors especially on public holidays and weekends. In Sentosa you will find the southernmost point of Southeast Asia and the island will certainly provide a memorable visit especially if you travel with children. Read more about the best family attractions on Sentosa here.

Unique Singapore attractions

Kids-World-Travel-Guide: Singapore Travel Guide

Orchid Garden

Singapore Botanic Garden which was established more than 150 years ago, was proclaimed Singapore's first UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015. This botanic garden is popular with families who come for jogging and cycling, enjoying walks in the forests, having picnics with friends and family, or enjoying outdoor concerts. The national orchid garden houses the largest orchid display in the world and it is fascinating to see the thousands of different colourful orchid species. There is a wonderful Children's Garden as well (closed on Mondays) where youngsters can learn about plant life.

Boat Quay

How about a bumboat cruise on the Singapore River? The wooden boats, called tongkang, have been lovingly restored and maintained and are a great way to travel from jetty to jetty, stopping for some tasty food or visiting some sights along the river. Best to take a trip in the late afternoon not only to watch the magic atmosphere created by the many fairy lights which illuminate the trees and outdoors restaurants but also to marvel at the multi-coloured light displays of the river's bridges. Book your tickets online or get them at the Clarke Quay Jetty ticket office.

Singapore Travel Tips

Kids-World-Travel-Guide: Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore MRT train at station

Getting around

In Singapore it is easy to get around. The MRT includes five lines with a total of 130 stops so far. See the map here. Simply buy a ticket at the MRT station (MRT means 'mass rapid transport') and then add/pay a trip to your next destination on the same standard ticket. Or buy a Singapore Tourist Pass for easy travelling on MRT lines and busses. Taxis can be hailed in the streets or at taxi stands (many in front of the hotels) and these are quite inexpensive as well. Download the Grab app for easy booking of a driver.

Singapore Fine City

Singapore - Fine City

No littering! No jaywalking! - which is crossing the road where and when not allowed such as with red traffic lights. No chewing gum! No spitting! No drugs! But this is surely not to difficult to remember. Just keep to these basic rules and be polite. Singaporeans are quiet and friendly people, so don't scream and don't shout. And remember to also remove your shoes, cover your shoulders and knees when entering a temple... and simply be polite and respectful. 

Makan - makan

Singapore Food is so delicious! Make sure to taste the yummy satay sticks with peanut sauce at Clarke Quay or enjoy the delicious mooncakes in Chinatown, as are the lapis layer cakes! Exotic fruits such as jackfruit, rambutan or even the smelly durian are really exotic treats! Try the spicy laksa (soup) or milder chicken rice, fiery pepper crab or melt-in-your-mouth green pandan cake. Eating is a Singapore past time, there is tasty (and safe to eat) street food available at every street corner - our Food in Singapore Travel Guide to follow soon :-)

Free Lightshows!

There are free Spectra light and water shows at Marina Bay every night at 8 and 9 pm, on weekends there is an additional laser show at 10pm. Read more. Singapore is glittering with lights everywhere at night, the magically illuminated artificial trees at Gardens-by-the-Bay and the colourfully lit bridges at the promenade on Boat Quay and Clarke Quay are a must when in town! And when you stay near the Southern Ridges Walk, don't miss the lights at Henderson waves. They are marvellous! By the way, the Southern Ridges Walk was one of our favourites also during the day! Read more in the official Singapore Travel Guide.

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