Germany Travel Guide

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Germany Travel Guide

Where is Germany?

Germany is located on the European continent. The country has 82 million inhabitants. Germany's capital city is Berlin with over 3 million inhabitants. The country has a coastline in the North and mountains in the South.

Which language do people speak in Germany?

German. But most young people also can understand and speak English well as it is taught in schools. There are various dialects spoken from Bavaria and Swabian in the South to Plattdeutsch (Low German) in the North.

Best time to visit?

You can visit all year round! If you love the outdoors, then spring and autumn are best! The famous festivals in spring (Frühlingsfest) and Oktoberfest in autumn are lots of fun. The climate is continental and mild along the coast. Winter in Germany is usually cold with rain and snow. Germany's sunniest city is Freiburg im Breisgau. 

Do you need a visa for Germany?

All non-European visitors to Germany need a Schengen Visa which has to be applied for before travels. Travellers with European passports do not need a visa. However, the passport must be at least valid for 6-months beyond your travels!

What is the currency of Germany?

In Germany, you pay with Euro as the country is part of the European monetary union. Before 2002, the country's currency was the German Mark 'Deutsche Mark' (1 DM equaled 100 Penning.) The Euro is among the 10 world's strongest currencies and currently stronger than the US dollar!

How much does a trip to Germany cost?

Germany travel costs vary widely depending on your style of travel. Book a room in  the Jugendherberge (youth hostel) and go for self-catering options to save some money. Due to the strong Euro traveling in Germany is not the cheapest but so worth it! Read more on Germany travel expenses here.

Germany Travel Ideas


The Brandenburg Gate is Germany's most famous landmark along with the partly preserved Berlin Wall and the Gedächtniskirche which all are striking reminders of Germany's troubled past.  

Bavarian Alps

The highest peak in Germany is called Zugspitze. Germany's tallest mountain stands at the German-Austrian border and is 2,963 metres/9,721 ft. high. Here you can experience snow also in summer!

Castles of Germany

The Wartburg castle is as prominent in German history books as the Bavarian castles of the 'Mad King' Ludwig II. Make sure to explore several of them to learn about German history and culture. More about German castles here.

Christmas in Germany

The festive season is celebrated in Germany with many markets and Christmas decorations adorn the towns and cities. Did you know that the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree originates from Germany? Read more Christmas in Germany.

Germany for Kids

Rhine Valley 

This region in northern France is a must for history fans as well as for beach lovers and all those who love chalk-cliffs, rough coastlines and calm countryside charm.

Europapark in Rust - image credit: gevison/

Theme Parks in Germany

In Germany there is not only Eurpe's biggest theme park  Europapark, but also the shows and rides at Phantasialand and Legoland are well worth a visit if you travel with children.

Fabulous German attractions


Neuschwanstein castle in southern Germany is probably the most famous castle in the world as it was used as a blueprint by Walt Disney when the Magic Kingdom castle was designed.


Germany's biggest island Rügen is located in the northeastern Germany in the Baltic Sea.  The chalk cliffs on the island are awarded UNESCO world heritage status.

Germany Travel Tips

Get a BahnCard

The German rail network (Deutsche Bahn) will help you reach the main tourist destinations in Germany. With the BahnCard you will get discounts and save on your travels. Get more info on routes and ticket prices here.

Oktoberfest for children - image credit:


The world's biggest beer festival takes place from 21 September to 9 October in 2019. However, it's not all about beer and huge beer tents, children will enjoy the numerous fun activities, rides, carousels and shows as well. More here.

Mahlzeit - Guten Appetit

Enjoy the typical German food such as Brezeln (pretzels), sourdough bread, Schweinshaxen (pork knuckles), Bratwurst (sausages), Swabian Käse Spätzle (egg noodle with cheese) or Apfelkuchen (apple cake) - our Food in Germany Guide to follow soon :-)

Lohr am Main by Blue Crayola/

Fairy tales galore!

Read up on the German fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm before your trip and enjoy a trip along this famous route through Germany even more. Think of at least visiting Lohr am Main which claims to be the home town of Snow-white Schneewittchen or Hanau (birth place of the Brothers Grimm), both places are an easy day trip from Frankfurt! Read more.

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