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France Travel Guide

Where is France?

France is located on the European continent. The country has 67 million inhabitants. France's capital city is Paris with over 2 million inhabitants.

What is the currency of France?

The French currency is the Euro as France belongs to the European Union. Before 2002, they had the French Franc, which was 100 centimes.

Best time to visit?

You can visit all year round! If you love snow and colder temperatures, then winter is great! Summer in Southern France can get quite hot!

Which language do people speak in France?

French. But many people also can understand and speak English as it is taught in schools as well.

Do you need a visa for France?

All non-European visitors to France need a Schengen Visa which has to be applied for before travels. Travellers with European passports do not need a visa. France travel guide and Schengen Visa Info

How much does a trip to France cost?

France travel costs vary widely depending on your style of travel. Book a chambre d'hote (bed and breakfast) and save some money on your accommodation. Read more on the Trip Advisor Forum here.

France Travel Ideas

Cote d'Azur

The beaches along the Mediterranean coastline such as Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez are among the most glamorous in Europe. 

French Alps

The highest peak in France is the Mont Blanc. Europe's tallest mountain stands at the French-Italian border and is 4,810 m/15,780 ft high.

Versailles castle in France - image by shutterstock

Castles of France

The Palace of Versailles, Chenonceau castle and Mont St. Michel are among the most popular castles in France. The Loire Valley is also well-known for the many fabulous castles along the Loire river.

Christmas in France

During the month of December, many towns and cities light up with festive decorations and hold Christmas markets. The most popular among them are held in Strasbourg, Paris, Reims, Colmar, Lille and Lyon.


This region in northern France is a must for history fans as well as for beach lovers and all those who love chalk-cliffs, rough coastlines and calm countryside charm.

Toulouse space centre - image by sharon wildie/

Theme Parks in France

Many families enjoy the fantastic atmosphere at the French theme parks such as Disneyland in Paris, the Dinosaur Park in Méze or the Space City (Cité de l'espace) in Toulouse

Fabulous French islands

Corsica fishing boats in harbour - image by shutterstock


The island in the Mediterranean Sea is known for being the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte! Today, many travellers enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters in the many little bays and visit the splendid port towns.

Volcano Mafate on Reunion - image by shutterstock


Did you know that this Indian Ocean island belongs to France? It is a 12-hours-flight away, but it feels like being transferred to 'Little France' when visiting the towns on this lush volcanic island in Africa!

France Travel Tips

France Travel Guide: Take the TGV high speed train in Nice - image by shutter stock

High speed train travel in France

Hop on the TGV! This high-speed train is the fastest in Europe and connects all the main cities and major towns in France. Get more info on routes and ticket prices here.

Out and about

Don't miss the splendid sound-and-light-shows many famous French attractions offer. Some of the best night-time light shows are in Avignon (popes' palace), Paris (Eiffel tower) or Chartes (cathedral) which is shown above.

Enjoy food à la française

This means eat in French style! French people enjoy leisurely lunches and dinners with several courses. Breakfast, however, is usually a fast affair with just a croissant and a cafe au lait (milk coffee) which is served in a boule (cup or bowl)

Buy your entrance tickets online

Whether you plan to go up the Eiffel Tower or want to visit the Louvre museums in Paris, get your tickets in advance to avoid the long queues at the ticketing desks. And try to book a children's workshop at one of the museums to gain valuable insights and make new friends.

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