My Country Mexico

My country Mexico

If I was to describe Mexico in one word, I would describe it as colourful, the people, the music, the food, the history, the memories. The life lived there is all colourful and great. 

Mexico has a lot of history and culture that is very respected by everyone. We have a lot of different foods and sweets that you won’t find anywhere else, that I missed very much ever since I moved to South Africa 6 years ago.

Mexico is a very welcoming country with very beautiful and kind people that will all treat you like family. Everyone is very lovely and we try to get together every weekend with all of our friends and family. We have a lot of amazing food and my favourite is tacos, but we have lots of foods that taste amazing like tamales, conchas (sweet bread), frijoles and many more! I miss all of this from Mexico and I wish I could have it all now. 

Mexican Sweet Bread

In Mexico, we have amazing music that if you ever hear it you would instantly recognise it, the music is lovely! In Mexico, we don’t wear sombreros which is the Spanish word for 'hats', they are the big round colourful hats everyone expects us to wear around in the streets while singing and dancing while wearing colourful clothing. We do dress up on special holidays and go to school wearing old stuff Mexicans used to wear, but it is only part of a holiday and we do it to remember the old times in Mexico and it is always fun. 

In Mexico we also have special holidays that are not really celebrated anywhere else, an example of some are the 'Children’s day' which is just like Mother’s or Father’s day but for children and it is celebrated on the 30th of April, we also have El Dia de los Reyes Magos on the 5th of January, which translated means 'the Three Kings day' in which the Three Kings bring a small present to us just like they did to baby Jesus.

Mexico is beautiful in all ways and I hope one day you will be able to see for yourself!

By Fabiana Moreno St. John Clerke, 15 years old 

About My Country Mexico

Fabiana Moreno St. John Clerke is a 15-year-old high school student who lives in Cape Town. She grew up in Mexico and South Africa and is about to move to England with her parents and two younger sisters. Spanish is her first language, while English is her second language. 

Image Credits on My Country Mexico: Fabiana Moreno St. John Clerke, Kobby Dagan, and own images

For more info about travelling to Mexico: Visit the official Mexican Tourism Board's website.

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