My Magic Country

Essay Writing Competition 2020
Category: 8 - 11 years

My Magic Country - This year we received many fabulous essays about magic dream worlds from students.

Here we want to share some essays from The International School @ ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH). The essays show wonderful creativity and high level of English language proficiency. The students stated that Korean is their home language and some of the entrants started with English only quite recently. 

Here are three excellent essays from ISPH students that made it into the final round of our competition. Congratulations!

My Magic Country

My Magic Country - ISPH Essay #1 My Magic Country Star 1

Jeong Won Youn: "My Fascinating World"

The lustrous sun was so bright that it made my eyes squint. This magical country of my dreams was very fascinating.

What could this magical place be? I could see some books and papers flying around. They looked busy. There were also people flying with wings! I could not believe my eyes! Then I could hear people playing instruments in the air. What lovely music! Suddenly, the wings appeared from my back. I could fly!

The sun was as circular as a ball. The view from above was tremendous! I felt the howling wind passing by me. It’s cold in here. I should go to the other magical place. After a long long time flying, I arrived at an unknown place. I wonder what this place might be? I could see lots of volcanoes. Actually, it wasn’t real volcanoes. It was an Under Water World!

I flew to the top of the enormous volcano. I opened the lid of the volcano. Suddenly, I fell down. Until, I reached the bottom. When I opened my eyes, I could see some very interesting things, but what I could really see... was clothes! It can’t be. The clothes are like sea animals. Socks are little fish, jellyfish were skirts and sharks were jeans! Well, there were loads of them! Help! The shark almost ate me! I better get out of here. I was flying to find another island but suddenly, a strange worm hole appeared..and it swallowed me!

When I stood up, I saw dust in the air. The ground was very dry. Everything here was so strange! Where are the trees? The buildings, all the things had disappeared! Only a lot of trash was left. Is this the future of the earth? I was confused.

Even if this is my dream, I never can go to the future. I walked. Then, I heard something. It sounded like cracking. I looked down, I was standing on the small watch with a little crack on it. I grabbed it and started to walk. Surprisingly, the small, strange looking watch turned into a red bird! I tried to catch it but it flew away. I was alone. This place was quiet. I waited, but nothing happened. I felt I was trapped. A minute later, the red bird appeared again. I was happy that the bird came back, but what can it do? How can it help me?

Again it changed into a….Magic Carpet! It took me to…somewhere that I don’t know.

My Magic Country - ISPH Essay #2 My Magic Country Star 2

Sihyun Park: "The Country of My Dreams"

When I walked quickly around the country of my dreams, I could see giant dragon jellies. I touched the dragon jelly. The feeling was soft and bumpy. I ate the dragon jellies all up, it was very delicious. I walked slowly around the marshmallow ground.

Then I looked up at the sun. The sun was very strange. What was this? This is candy! This is sun candy! I tasted the sun candy, this was scrumptious.

I stepped on the jelly ground. The feeling was bumpy and bouncy. I ate the jelly, it was very delicious. I then strolled down the marshmallow road. I found the cookie and biscuit house. I grabbed the biscuit, it was so yummy. I ate the cookies. They were so so so delicious. I went to the grass jelly. I touched it “Hmm, hmm...this is,yuck,yuck,yuck!!!” I said because this flavour of jelly was avocado!

After that I saw a macaroon.This colour was so beautiful, it was red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, purple, brown, pink, bright pink, gray, black, was multi-coloured. I ate the macaroon, it was very sweet. It tasted of chocolate, strawberry, orange, berry, banana, kiwi, lemon, grape, pineapple... The tastes were endless.

I finally travelled away from Candy Land. I safely drove my helicopter and ended up in a new place called fish land. In Fish land (another country of my dreams) I swam in the sea. Then I saw the fish which were strange because the fish were walking in the water. I was surprised, because the fish were walking in the water! They were red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, purple, brown, pink, bright pink, gray, black and white, so multi-coloured. I swam around in the sea. Then I saw the whale. “Hmm hmm.” mumbled the whale. This was incredibly strange because the whale was talking.

I thought to myself and realised I was in Magic Country. I swam further around in the water and saw a sea horse who was very strong. The sea horse was small and wanted to arm wrestle with me. I lost and the sea horse won, he was very strong! I swam in the sea again and was surprised because many people were running around… what were they doing in the sea and how were they breathing?

My Magic Country - ISPH Essay #3 My Magic Country Star 3

Jiwon Kim: "May's Country"

When I stomped around the county of my dreams. I could see giraffes that were tall and they looked spotty. They were yellow and black giraffes. There were also little monkeys and they were very cute. I also spotted green birds. It looked so cute that I touched them and they were so soft. I was surprised that they could talk. It was Talking Animal Land!

I decided I wanted to see more countries of my dreams so I jumped on my pig to travel to the next place. When I stopped, I saw trees that were giant and they looked like spirals. They were green and red lollipop trees. There was also bright pink jelly on the ground! This was very peculiar.

I also spotted a giant house. It looked delicious so I took a huge bite. It was made of cookies and candy. It was chocolate candy land! I took some candy from the trees and had one last giant bite of the house. I whistled for my pig and he appeared. It was time to travel. In the air I could smell yummy cookies and delicious candy.

My pig then took me to another country. When I stopped, I saw a big, serious, gigantic, purple and wonderful castle. I opened the door and went inside. Even though it was full of dust it still looked very beautiful. I walked up the stairs quickly to see what was up there. There were lots of stairs. I saw a door and opened it, I also spotted a wonderful bed and chairs. I went out of the room and went in 4 more doors! I saw lots and lots of rooms.

It was a fantasy world! Finally it was home time so I jumped on my pig and went home.

And last but not least one entry we want to share with you because it was very sweet!

A bit too short, but we want to hear from you again, next year... a star in the making!

My Magic Country - ISPH Essay #4 My Magic Country Star 4

Yeonwoo Koh: "Magic Country"

One country of my dreams is Magic Country!

In Magic Country there is a purple and pink castle. You can walk around the castle by following a luminous pathway. There is also an amazing enchanting forest with roaring dragons. I was excited and curious in this country. I flew by a magical carpet to a new place called Candy Land.

In Candy Land there were giant , colourful Lollipops. big houses made of chocolate and a very big cloud made of candy floss. There were people eating big giant Lollipops that were very delicious. I felt cheerful, and delighted in this land.

The final country of my dreams was a theme park! I could see a huge Ferris wheel. a long roller coaster and many colourful bumper cars. There were children screaming, boys’ yelling and the girls’ laughin, it was amazing and I was super excited. There were a lot of people! I then drove my sports car around this awesome theme park. 

In the Age category 8 - 11 years, we had over 150 entries by students and schools from around the world. Competition was extremely stiff this year. You all did very well and we hope you all will join in again in the next competition.

Well done, students and teachers at ISPH! Thank you for your wonderful and magic essays! Happy Holidays!

Competition 2020 Essays

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