My Country Dominica

Commended Entry: "My Country Dominica" by Tana Tahira Valmond from Dominica

This article was submitted in the Kids World Travel Guide Essay Competition 2020 in the Senior Category 12-15 years.

My Country Dominica

Are you ready to capture the true essence of "The Nature Island of the Caribbean"?

Of course I am confidently talking about Dominica - "The Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour". Indeed you will get a taste of nature at its best!

Dominica has been abundantly blessed with majestic, natural features such as the historic boiling lake, picturesque underwater paradise, mesmerizing freshwater lakes and captivating cascading water falls.

Close your eyes and imagine the pristine beauty of our three hundred and sixty five crystal clear rivers. Isn't it fascinating that you can actually enjoy one for everyday of the year?While you ponder on this exciting expedition, I implore you to fasten your seat belts! It gives me great pleasure to be your personal tour guide on this exhilarating journey of a lifetime. Get your camera ready and put on your sunscreen because we are going to bask in the sun's glory. Please ensure that you have your snacks,bathing suits and most importantly grab your bottles of Trois Pitons or Loubier Spring water. They are bottled right here in Dominica!

Today we are going on a very exciting island tour. We are starting in the south of Dominica which is Scotts Head, it was historically named after an English man during the war between the English and the French. Scottshead has the most incredible view where you will certainly enjoy the most breathtaking scenery. There is literally a gap between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea creating the perfect seascape. Indeed it's a sight to behold!

Driving through the town we will purchase some luscious mangoes, pineapples, ripe bananas and of course 'kennip' which can be a lot of fun to eat.

I will introduce you to some refreshing jelly and a glass of freshly squeezed sugar cane. Are you in the mood for some wholesome hot natural cocoa tea mixed with arrowroot? This is called the "Hard working man's breakfast." Have you ever tasted green bananas with naturally prepared salt fish with a rainbow colored salad? Well, look no further! After you have eaten this scrumptious meal, I guarantee that you will be fully satisfied and ready for the journey.

While driving on the outskirts of town you will see a lot of our vibrant and amicable people going about their daily routine. You will enjoy the greenery of our exquisite mountains since we have been blessed with quite a few. They really enhanced Dominica's spectacular figure. She was named by our very own indigenous people "The Kalinago". Interestingly they named her "Waitukubuli" which literally means tall is her body.

Did I forget to mention that Dominica was brutally battered by a Category 5 Hurricane Maria? I know, from the looks of things, you would not have had the slightest clue!

Dominica is undeniably the epitome of resilience bouncing back from that tragedy even more stunningly radiant. We will continue our journey and climax in the Kalinago Territory where excitement awaits. These friendly people are Dominican pride and joy. You will have so much to explore including their local food such as cassava.

It gives me great honour as a Kalinago descendant to give you your Kalinago traditional wear, feel free to join them in doing their intriguing dances and learn our beautiful and unique craft basket weaving. Please feel free to shop for your little souvenirs to take to your friends back home.

Indeed I am so delighted to give you an authentic taste of our unique culture of the beautiful island Dominica which we call home.

Thank you for the superb essay "My Country Dominica", Tana Tahira. You opened our eyes to one of the lesser travelled islands in this world. A Caribbean island we really would live to visit and explore one day - preferably with your expert guidance and insider views! Well done!

Tana Tahira Valmond attends Dominica Grammar school in Roseau/Dominica.

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My Country Dominica - Useful Resources

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  • "Eat Local! Eat Healthy! Eat Kenip!" Vegetarian in Dominica. Last accessed 10 December 2020
  • Our Dominica country page will be added soon. Keep this page bookmarked and let us know if you want to join in and share your insider tips. 

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