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¡Hola! Hello! With our South America quiz you can test your geography knowledge.

Here are some of the best South America geo trivia and our favourite geography quiz questions about the South American continent.

South America Quiz for Kids - Kids World Travel Guide

Now let's start with our South America Quiz for kids and then try to find answers to more fun quiz questions about the South American continent below.

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More South America Quiz Questions

Which is the largest river basin in the world?


Which countries border the Atlantic Ocean and also the Pacific Oceans?


Which are the highest waterfalls not only in South America, but also in the world?


Which is the longest mountain range in South America?


Which is the most spoken language in South America? 


Which are the two landlocked countries in South America?


Which is the driest place on the South American continent?


Which is the highest mountain in South America?


Which is the biggest island in South America?


What is the name of the largest lake in South America?


Which are the colours of the flag of Bolivia?


Which South American country do the Easter Islands in the Pacific Ocean belong to?


What is the name of the royal city built by the Inca in Peru?


Which South American country do the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean belong to?


What is the name of the region in South America that is shared by Chile and Argentina?


Easter Islands Moai statues - image by Shutterstock.comMoai statues on the Easter Islands

And here are the answers to the South America Quiz:

1. Amazon - 2. Argentina, Chile, Colombia 3. Angel Falls - 4. Andes - 5. Spanish - 6. Paraguay and Bolivia - 7. Atacama Desert - 8. Aconcagua - 9. Tierra del Fuego - 10. Lake Titicaca - 11. red, yellow, green - 12. Chile - 13.  Macchu Picchu - 14. Galapagos - 15. Patagonia

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