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Here are some interesting facts about animals in China, which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids.

Wildlife in China

Here you learn about some fascinating and endangered animals in China. There are many endangered animal species living in China.

The text below was supplied by two Chinese students from Chengdu in Sichuan. They are 9 and 10 years old and learn English in China.

Where is Sichuan? Sichuan is a province in southwestern China. Chengdu is the capital of the province and has about 20 million inhabitants.


Sichuan province is home to about 80% of all the pandas living in China. Pandas are an endangered species. 

Chinese Pandas eating bambooPandas

Pandas are famous animals in China, but they are rare. 

Pandas live in SiChuan and GanSu, because there is a lot of bamboo. Their fur has just two colours and is black and white. Their four legs and feet and ears are  black,but the other parts of the body are white. If you want to take a photo with another color, you must ask a panda to open its mouth and stick out its tongue! There is just a circle of black hair around the panda's eyes, which looks like black circles. So people often joke that a person who stays up late without rest will have 'panda eyes'.

Pandas always like to eat bamboo, but they can eat meat too. Each day, they eat a lot of bamboo, and when they feel full, they will stop eating. 

Pandas are  very lazy. All day they will just eat and sleep and eat and sleep. They do not exercise at all, so they will grow very fat in their life. They are very heavy, they weigh as much as two big people. They can weigh up to 180 kilograms. They can grow up to 190 cm in height. I once saw a panda stay in a tree from morning to afternoon, motionless. It didn't come down from the tree until the keeper came to feed it.

Panda babies are very little and cute. You see adult pandas are very strong, but if you see their babies, you must think they are so cute, the babies are pink coloured like a little mouse, but if they grow older, their fur gradually becomes black and white.

Sichuan Golden Monkeys

Sichuan Golden monkeys are rare animals unique to China loved by people in the world. Golden monkey‘s fur is golden, so they named it golden monkey. 

Golden monkeysGolden monkeys

They live in trees high up in the mountains and look for food on the ground. There is little oxygen on the plateau. Thus these monkeys have big nostrils and thick lips. They eat wild fruits and bamboo shoots. They also eat insects and bird eggs. Their fur is very long and thick, so they can live in high mountains, as the fur keeps the golden monkey warm.

Golden monkeys have a big lovely family, they take care of each other. Young golden monkeys can be very naughty but are also loved by their parents, but when a young monkey grows up, he will be driven out of the home by his father and he will live by himself in the wild.

Chinese Alligators

The Chinese alligator is a small alligator, it is just one to two meters long. The alligator is a very old animal, as alligators live on earth for about 200 million years. So the alligator is 'the grandfather of other animals'.


Chinese alligators live in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Chinese alligators are endangered, in one year there are just 150 left. Now they are protected and there is a rule that people can’t hunt them.

If the alligators get out of the river, people must feed them or put them back in the Yangtze river. I think this animal may become extinct because we don’t hunt it but we have stolen its home and they don’t have a home to live, so it dies.

White Lipped Deer

The white lipped deer live in the highlands which are 3,000 to 5,000 metres high. The animals have a white lip so it is named 'white lip deer' and are very cute.

China - White lipped deerWhite lipped deer

They have detailed hair to defend from the cold. Its hair colour is different in each season. White lipped deer are endangered, and there is a rule that you can’t hunt the white lipped deer.

I think the white lipped deer can be healthy in the future because they in the highlands where no one lives, so no one can hunt them or steal their home.

This article about China wildlife titled 'Animals in China' was provided by Lisa Yeo and her students from Chengdu: Don Jiang, age 10 and the alligator and deer facts by Gene Fu, age 9. Thank you so much for this wonderful article! Great work!

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