Invincible India

Essay Writing Competition 2020
Category: 8 - 11 years
- Commendation -

Commended entry: "Invincible India" by Srikoustubh Karanam from Singapore.

This article was submitted in the Kids World Travel Guide Essay Competition 2020 in the Junior Category 8-11 years.

Invincible India

India is where the luminous sun sparkles, and the sand glitters like diamonds, with mountains gazing through the murky fog separated by the joy of trees pregnant with fruits. 

India is such an enthralling country, even the most exquisite and detailed writing cannot express the magnificence of it. Unlike any other country, India has its own matchless story to display. Stick around to be astounded by Invincible India.

Beware not to get lost in the beauty of Invincible India’s diversity. Indian mythology is revived and discussed by many citizens. The legends and epics originate in the three early stages of life called Kruta, Treta and Dwapara Yuga. They are told to cherish the truth, courage and strength. It was at this time yoga, temples, festivals, and Vedas were discovered, formulated and used.

The Vedas are ancient scriptures about how the universe was created, how a human must live in harmony with nature.

Soon, the Mughals, Persians and British took over India until Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, gave us independence in 1947.

There is so much beauty in Invincible India, it doesn’t just stop here! The population is 1.37 billion and there are 22 official languages.

A popular attraction is the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Experience what it is to be a king at Amber palace or wet your feet at Palolem beach. Visit the high and soft rises of snow in Jammu and Kashmir. India is embedded with sacred rivers like the Ganga. Moving on, with colossal biodiversity India’s national animal is the majestic Bengal Tiger.

Our flag represents the elegance of Invincible India by strength, truth, and fertility. Here, we come to the spicy part, explore the food, lifestyle and entertainment in India. Like Hollywood, India is famous for Bollywood, produced in our mother language Hindi. The world's richest actor, Sha Rukh Khan is from Bollywood.

In fact, what makes the Indian lifestyle so special is our hospitality and delicious cuisine. South India takes you to steamed rice cakes called 'Idli', East welcomes you with fish curry, West tantalises with spicy 'vada pav' and North offers you vegetables grilled and seasoned with a sauce and glazed with spring onion known as 'Gobi Manchurian'

In conclusion, Invincible India is a wonder that has to be explored constantly. It has a vibrant culture and background, unique beauty, and a loving community.

You never know when you are missing out in India! 

In the Age category 8 - 11 years, Srikoustubh Karanam, convinces us that we really must travel to India soon. We feel we are missing out already!

Well done! Thank you very much for your wonderful essay 'Invincible India' - Congratulations!

Srikoustubh Karanam attends the Overseas Family School in Singapore. His home language is Kannada.

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