Learning English Essay

Essay Writing Competition 2019
Category: 8 - 11 years
- Merit Award -

Learning English Essay - Merit Award 2019: 

A merit award has been granted to Lizanne Hostein for her essay "Learning English"

Lizanne lives in France and her mother tongue is French. She attends English classes with Estelle Lin-Baud at EAC School of Languages in Besancon. 

Theme 2019:
'The Gift of Languages'

Learning English Essay

Hello, my name is Lizanne Hostein. I am a girl and I live in France. I am 10 years old.

I have been learning English for 6 years. My parents are both French, so we speak French at home. Sometimes my parents ask me some questions in English so that I can improve my English.

The main language we speak at school is French but we also learn English and I find it easy. My uncle and cousins live in Australia, they speak English fluently, although they are French. The main language for them at school and at work is English. When they visit us in France I can practice my English. They taught me a fun Australian song “Apple on a stick….” I would love to visit Australia one day!

The best way to learn a language is to have a great teacher and visit the country of origin of the language we want to learn. A great teacher is a teacher who is friendly, motivating and makes you learn by playing games. For me, I have a chance to learn English with my best friend for my first lesson! My teacher, Miss Lin, is perfect; she teaches us with games. It’s so fun!

My favorite language is French but I love English too. I have been in many different countries: Greece, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg and Poland. Every time I try to learn a few words but most people can speak English anyway. It’s nice to be able to say Hello, goodbye and thank you in the local language.

I think English is important because it is an international language you can use it everywhere in the world.

My final tips for learning English with fun: 

  • sing my favorites english songs like: "So I am", "Old town road", "Señorita"
  • learn with friend(s)
  • read books and watch movies you like in English

I love English!!! Goodbye…

Congratulations, Lizanne! Thanks for your insights and language learning tips! Keep up the great work!

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