Language is the Key to Unlocking the World

Essay Writing Competition 2019
Category: 12 - 15 years
- Merit Award -

Language is the Key to Unlocking the World - Merit Award 2019: 

A merit award has been granted to Dristi Bansilal for her essay "Language is the Key to Unlocking the World"

Dristi lives in South Africa and her mother tongue is English. She attends Effingham Heights Secondary School in Durban. 

Theme 2019:
'The Gift of Languages'

Language is the Key to Unlocking the World

Uno, Dos, Tres....and the doors have opened a powerful tool called language.

I reside in South Africa and have always taken an interest in foreign languages and different places in the world. My home language is English and I study the additional language of Afrikaans at school.

My Nationality is a South African Indian, therefore my mum has also exposed me to our native Hindi language.

I do not attend classes to learn the Hindi language, however I do watch Bollywood movies often. This is my medium of learning new words and phrases and my understanding of the language improves. I have travelled abroad to India on many occasions and I was able to communicate with the locals there.

I maintain a self-compiled dictionary for my own purpose whereby I enter different words in English and then obtain the translations from google into different languages. From this, I am able to construct different phrases in foreign languages. Mum and I play a game of guessing the correct word whilst we are engaging in chores. She will say a word in English and then ask me to translate orally into different languages. The winner obtains a free ticket to take a virtual tour to any country with our medium being google. I have made many pen friends from abroad and during our correspondence with each other, we teach and learn different phrases. It is really exciting.

Besides learning to speak the language, we obtain insight into different cultures, cuisine and way of life. It has always been my passion to learn and understand the way of life of people from across the globe and there is indeed no better way to accomplish this but by learning and engaging and exploring.

It is of utmost importance to learn different languages and different cultures. By doing this we are given the opportunity of expanding from our circle and paving the pathway of meeting new people. This develops both our social, emotional and personality traits. There is indeed more to life than what is at our feet. As our body rises from our feet, so too does our soulful energy levels rise and there is no limit to exploring thereafter. Life has much more to offer than what we believe and if we do not expand our social and travel experiences, we will never know what lies beyond.

Language is definitely the key to unlocking this closed door. Once the door is opened, opportunities are limitless. Language and Communication are developed from the time of our birth until the time we depart.

Seize the opportunities to learn different languages and indeed the world will appear smaller. Making friends and acquaintances from every corner of the world, will create unity and harmony. Within each of us there is the light waiting to merge with another.

Let us be a candle in the wind and ignite another. Let us spread this light until we are all the burning powerful light beyond the stars.

Language is the Breaker of Silence and the Window of Opportunity. Adios and Salaam Namaaste. 

Congratulations, Dristi! Your appeal to learn different languages is very inspirational! Keep up the great work!

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