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Happy Africa Day! Let's celebrate the African continent with our new Africa quizzes section!

Happy Africa Day - 25 May is Africa Day

Here you can test your knowledge about Africa. Learn about the African continent, her countries and animals and find here some of the best Africa quizzes for kids.

Africa Quizzes

1. Test your Knowledge: African Animals - Crossword Printable

african animals crossword - image by Natchapohn/

2. Africa Quizzes: African Countries - Wordsearch Printable

3. Africa Quizzes: African Landmarks Quiz - Online

Type in your answers and shine your way through the ten questions below - then you will find out if you are already an Africa expert or need to brush up on your Africa knowledge. Enjoy!

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4. Africa Quizzes: 
Africa Geo Quiz for Kids - Printable and Online

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